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The future of law enforcement. 

The future of law enforcement. 

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Super 8: Initial Thoughts

This film is really something special.

I sat alone in the the theater this afternoon because I really wanted to see this movie regardless of whether I’d be seeing it with anyone. I’m really glad I decided to see it alone. It wasn’t so much an action film or even a sci-fi film; it was something more. Unfortunately, I’m unable to really bring up what that “more” is. I mean, essentially, it’s just a monster movie. But no, there’s something else lurking around. The film is showing something that we can all relate to. Is it the innocence of child hood? Is it the growing up of children? What is it? 

While I can’t really come up with anything too legitimate to help me out on this, I hope others will see it and come up with their own opinions and interpretations. I can see that even know I’m not fully able to express how I feel about this movie on text.

On a side note, that Abrams just can’t get enough lens flares. 

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